Bashy VS Kano, who is better ?

These two UK grime artist are two of the best in my opinion, their lyrical content is on point and with tunes like BLACK BOY and P&Q’s they defiantly have that cre8tive stamp of approval. So who do you think is better?


2 Responses

  1. Kano is the much better artist. If you listen to MC No.1 by Kano, this album is truly immense. He has taken tracks that we all know and added his own unique style to them. If you listen to his albums, his is lyrically the stronger artist. Yeh ok, he has made his catchy, lyrically shallow tunes but if you listen to his album you find a much deeper vain that runs through his music, for example Fightin the Nation. Absolute tune. But this is the amazing thing about music, each to their own, no 2 people will have the same opinion. Music is a way of life.

    • i hear you b, but i feel that bashy is the better artist his mixtape chuppa chup is a killer that cd has been in my cd changer for a good 6 months now i could listen to that mixtape and not get bored, his lyricaly content is on point but he also has that funny factor with his lyrics dont get me wrong before i heard this mixtape i def thought Kano was up there well he is up there but in my view Bashy gets my vote.

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