Drake Vs J. Cole battle of the new breeds who will save Hip Hop?

Who do you think is better from the new generation in Hip Hop. Because Hip Hop has never been the same ever since Nas announced that Hip Hop is Dead, which I never believed wasn’t at that time because there were still quality artist out there that where underrated with people like Styles, Cassidy, Lupa Fiasco, Papoose and Saigon. Who never got that creditability and we got people like Soulja Boy, Flyman and other south rappers who get major radio play are just ruining the rap game.

But now we have 2 new artist who are having a big buzz on the mixtape circuit. Who are known as the next big thing to change the decline in the Hip Hop game. Post your comments and let me know your who you think is better?


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  1. Lupe Fiasco is a God. I saw him in London a few years ago and he is one the best urban artists about. He isn’t commercial and I like that. He has a new album out next year called L.U.P.End. He says this is his 3rd and last album cos he wants to get out of the game cos people like Soulja Boy are bringing the sound of Hip Hop down and people like 50 Cent are bringing the image down. Hopefully new artists like Drake can pick the game up and bring it back to what it was a few years ago when Kanye released The College Dropout, Jay Z released The Black Album and Nas released Hip Hop is Dead.

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