Disney’s First Black Princess, Has No Black Prince.

There has been alot of controversy over Disney’s new movie which hasn’t been released yet entitled “The Princess and the Frog”. When creating a black character in a cartoon I guess you have to be extra careful as not to offend anyone (Al Sharpton or Oprah). To evade any backlash and prevent being called racist, or racially insensitive, Disney changed Princess Tiana’s name from Maddy, which many thought was a “slave name”. Disney even got Oprah on-board to contribute her voice as Princess Tiana’s mother in the movie. However, Disney forgot something; Tiana’s prince charming did not have the same features as her, or any other black person in America for that matter. Some people point out his light skinned skin tone, which could mean that maybe he’s a light skinned brother, however features tell alot about a persons ethnic background. Many people believe that Disney’s lack of creating a Black Prince may be sending the wrong message to little black girls all over the world who are anxiously anticipating Disney’s first black princess. What messages could that be?.


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