Its the Rawkuss

The offical double r ray rawkuss music group where u can get news and updates about R.R. music upcoming performances and relases.

It could be said that Ryan Nathan Henry aka Ray Rawkuss was born into music his mother a reggae dj on the radio would take young Rawkuss to the station she dj’d on. His father a reggae singer would also have a big part to play in Ryan’s musical upbringing teaching Ryan how to sing and making him perform for him. He also had an uncle that was also a dj and another uncle who was a reggae mc so these could be the reasons on why Ryan Henry eventually became Ray Rawkuss a mc with a flow that has been described as incredible. As a youngster Ryan very much loved writing stories, poems etc. It wasn’t until Ryan hit the beginning of secondary school that his passion for writing rhymes came about it started off as poetry to him but he had always had a love for hip-hop music and loved mc’s such as the fresh prince, public enemy, the nwa, & kriss kross but it wasn’t until Rawkuss heard nas’s who’s world is this that he himself began to write lyrics. He began to get more and more involved with writing rhymes also started to battle other mc’s whether it was in his school or in his area this gave him great experience when it came to being put under pressure when rhyming he then began to join other mcin crews that where around in school but nothing serious came of it until he left in which he once again met up with old school friends and they tried to push together and make this music thing happen. Unfortunately things didn’t work out but Rawkuss gained much experience with the years he spent working in this collective. Ray Rawkuss has now decided that the best thing to do is go it alone and see how far he can get doing it himself he is very dedicated and determined to succeed in music as its his passion in life he know’s its going to take hard work and commitment but its his dream and his willing to put in the time and the effort in order to succeed.


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