Will we have our first white Christmas in years?

The Met Office has issued an early warning and said travel networks may be affected by snow on Friday.

Up to 20cm (8in) of snow could fall in some parts of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and East Anglia, with gale-force winds causing drifts, forecasters say.

Snow is also forecast in parts of central and northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

There have already been intermittent snow showers leaving a light covering of snow across north-east England, parts of East Anglia and the Midlands.

Snow has also been falling in the Brecon area of mid Wales and in the Neath area of south Wales.

The snowfall is expected to become heavier into Thursday evening with bands of snow spreading across south-east England, East Anglia and the London area, where forecasters say 10cm of snow could fall by midnight.

John Hammond, of the BBC Weather Centre, said conditions would worsen through the early hours of Friday, with gale-force winds causing snow to drift, and some places seeing as much as 20cm of snow.

Even though the news says that it’s too soon the say that we defiantly have a white Christmas, but if the weather continues to be likes this you never know. What are your predictions and opinions on us have a white Christmas?


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