Did Coca-Cola Create the red Santa?

There been many speculations that Coca-Cola created the Red suited Santa Claus many years ago. The truth is they did not claim to change the colours of Santa Claus, there were many previous interpretations of the Santa Claus story featured Santa in a red outfit, notably the illustrations of the famous political cartoonist Thomas Nast and the Christmas card printed by Louis Prang.

Coca-Cola did help to create the modern-day image of Santa, and in fact the way most of us see Santa Claus – friendly and plump with a white beard – did come from Coca-Cola advertising. Before these ads, Santa was drawn in a variety of ways – even as a scary elf – but he was already wearing red!

Coca-Cola introduced this new friendly, human image of Santa (created by illustrator Haddon Sundblom) in December 1931. (This picture is of a 1931 ad.) From 1931-1964, Sundblom created holiday ads for Coke featuring Santa, and those images continue to be used each year on bottles, cans and 12-packs. Voice your opinion on the subject.


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