funny family fortunes answers

Something a bridegroom might wear: “A dress..”
Someone you wouldn’t expect to see in a strip club: “Animals..”
An animal with a long tail: “A rabbit..”
Something a train-spotter would have in his pocket: “A magnifying glass..”
Something you put out for the birds: “Worms..”
A way to prevent snoring: “Put a pillow over his face..”
A word used to describe a very hot day: “A very hot day..”
A song from ‘The Sound Of Music’: “Dancing Queen..” _(Also from the same family: “I wake up each morning..”, “The skies are blue..”, and “Over the hills and far away..”)
Someone who works early hours: “A burglar..”
Something made to be wheeled around: “A hammer..”
A reason for kneeling: “To be beheaded..”
A nickname for a slim person: “Slimmy..”

A measurement of liquid: “Paint..”
Something that’s nice to wear next to your skin: “Pants..”
A famous Dick: “Carrot..”
A wild animal that’s native to Britain: “A bear..”
Something that Father Christmas does when he comes to your house: “Feeds your pets..”
Something that comes in 7’s: “Fingers..”
A vocalist known by only one name: “Michael Jackson..”
A yellow fruit: “Orange..”


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