LOX & Diddy Set To Reunite For LOX Reunion Album

Sheek Louch spoke to On-Air Idiots of Hot 93.7 radio show to discuss when a new album from LOX can be expected and what labels they will distribute the cd.

“Yo word up, top of the year, Lox album is coming, I would love for it to come then, we’re working actually with Puff, with Sean Combs. We working out that. Puff Daddy, we working that out. We working that out and hopefully it goes down. It’s gonna be Interscope/Bad Boy/D-Block. Oh yo, slash Ruff Ryders. I’m sorry, I can’t leave my boys out. It’s like a big thing because we still Interscope. We still Ruff Ryders. It’ll be a nice thing.”

Jadakiss also spoke on the reunion in a recent interview with Power 99.

“Our main focus right now is that Lox album,” Jada stressed. “It might be coming out through Diddy, it might be coming out through some other people, but it’s going down. Diddy just did a new deal with Interscope, as y’all know with his Dirty Money and all his other stuff,” the rapper continued. “He put an offer out there for a one album deal over there, so you know, we thinking about making it.”

As of press time there is no album title or set release date.


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