Zero degrees for partygoers on new years eve

Forecasters have warned temperatures will fall below zero in many places across the UK as revellers welcome the new year.

The 100,000 partygoers in Edinburgh will need more than good cheer to keep warm with lows of minus 2C.

In London up to 500,000 are expected to attend a fireworks display, while Elton John is playing at the O2 Arena.

A range of New Year events have been planned for Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham among others.

Freezing fog

Sub-zero temperatures are also forecast for northern England and Wales, while many other areas could also see the mercury plunge.

But revellers going to fireworks displays might not get a clear view, with mist, freezing fog and low cloud in some areas.

BBC weather forecaster Rob McElwee said the coldest weather would be in north-west England and England-Wales border areas, with temperatures dropping as low as minus 7C.

Belfast would see temperatures on New Year’s Eve of minus 2C, London around zero, and Cardiff just below zero, he added.

He also explained that snow seen falling in the Leeds, Manchester and Hull areas on Wednesday was “man made” and could probably be attributed to cooling tower clouds drifting slowly downwind.

It happened last year and only occurs in certain atmospheric conditions when the tiny particles emitted by cooling towers are turned into snow crystals.


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