Banksy VS Robbo

The original wall by Robbo painted in 1985…

Dissed by Banksy…

King Robo tanking shit back…

LEGENDARY graffiti ace Banksy has triggered a street art war by altering a rival’s work.

The elusive aerosol painter caused outrage by wrecking an image that had been left untouched for 24 years.

Its creator – known as King Robbo by fans – retaliated immediately by spraying his name in 3ft letters on to Banksy’s picture of a workman.

Disgusted street artists then launched an internet hate campaign against Banksy, whose work has been bought by stars including Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera.

One, calling himself Citrus Topnote, Jr, said on an online message board: “Regardless of the condition of the Robbo, it should have been left alone.

“Someone who’s been around as long as Banksy should know the drill by now.”

Banksy changed King Robbo’s work while painting five new images in the run-up to Christmas in Camden Town, North London.

One featured a workman pasting graffiti-covered paper – Robbo’s original work – on a grey wall.Let us know your views on this situation.


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