Dane Bowers VS Alex Reid Round 2?

JORDAN’S lover Alex Reid and ex Dane Bowers yesterday DENIED their New Year’s Eve punch-up.

Cage fighter Reid, 34, knocked out Bowers after a heated row at the glamour model’s fancy dress party.

But before entering the Big Brother house last night, both men called a truce and hatched a plan.

They insisted that pop has-been Bowers, 30, was assaulted by two “unknown men” as he waited for a taxi.

They said he will not press charges against the mystery attackers.

But the brawl at Jordan’s Surrey pad was witnessed by revellers who said the 31-year-old – real name Katie Price – went into hysterics.

Their agents told The Sun: “Both enjoyed the party until approximately 5am when Dane went outside to see if his cab had arrived and two unknown men (not Alex, as rumoured) assaulted him.

“He was then helped into his cab by people there.

“There is absolutely no animosity and never has been between Dane and Alex. They spoke about the rumours that have been spread and everything is good between them.” Let us know what you think is it just a publicity stunt to bring up the Big Brother declining ratings or did it really happen?


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