2009 has been noted by some as the year of the most celebrity deaths in recent memory. Those we’ve lost this year and will continue to miss include some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Included in the list of missing celebrities are:

Bea Arthur
Billy Mays
Brittany Murphy
Danny Gans
Dan Seals
David Carradine
Dom DeLuise
Dominick Dunne
Ed McMahon
Edward Kennedy
Eunice Shriver
Farrah Fawcett
Gene Barry
Henry Gibson
Jennifer Jones
Karl Malden
Les Paul
Lou Albano
Michael Jackson
Mollie Sugden
Natasha Richardson
Pat Hingle
Patrick Swayze
Ricardo Montalban
Walter Cronkite
Wendy Richard
All these people made a difference in some sort of way, for that we thank you, Rest in peace.


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