“pricey pricey” Steinway & Sons Model C Music System

Rigid and extremely stabile CD Player
Steinway Lyngdorf digital Link
Digital Amplification
Power Rating: 1.600 Watt
High-gloss finish
Model C Music System is comprised of:
2 x Model C loudspeaker (Left and right channel)
2 x Model C Boundary Woofer (Low Frequency Effect channel)
1 x Model D Head Unit with built-in CD player
1 x Remote control
Total Suggested Retail Price Excl. VAT: US$148,000
Ideal for intimate living spaces and compact listening rooms, the sleek and elegant Model C features two floor-standing dipole speakers, twin boundary woofers, and the same iconic head unit as the Model D Music System. Offering studio quality sound for all musical genres, especially jazz, blues, rock and R&B, the Model C delivers sound that is so
captivating, it will forever change the way you experience music.

2 Responses

  1. Just want you to know that the pictures in your blog is showing the Steinway model D music! The model C has smaller speakers.

    • lol sorry uploaded wrong photo. changed it by the way:)

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