3D Football Matches Coming Soon!!

Just as everyone was getting to grips with High Definition (HD), the next generation of TV technology has come to the UK.

Last weekend’s Arsenal v Manchester United showdown was the first football match to be screened in 3D.

Fans were able to watch the game at a handful of specially-equipped pubs around the country.

Manchester United fan Wesley attended a screening at the city’s Red Lion pub.

He said: “I’m quite impressed with it. It’s like watching the match in a pop-up book.”

However, fellow supporter James wasn’t convinced.

“You get the odd glimmer of bits and bobs, but it needs to be closer in,” he said.

“They need to change the camera a touch. I think the thing for this is boxing.”

New TV

3D games are shot using special camera rigs which capture two images – one a short distance apart from the other.

The Arsenal v Manchester United match was broadcast by Sky, which plans to launch a full 3D service to homes later in the year.

Their system makes use of existing Sky HD set-top boxes.

However anyone wanting to watch its 3D programming will need to invest in a new, 3D-compatible television.

The screens, which are due to start appearing in stores from March, separate out the picture to left and right eyes.

Viewers need to wear special glasses with polarised lenses to achieve the three dimensional effect.

The same system is used by many cinemas for screening 3D films such as Avatar.

Plans are already underway to screen other sporting events in 3D.

Next weekend’s England v Wales Six Nations opening match is being broadcast live to 40 digital cinemas around the UK.

This summer’s football World Cup in South Africa will also be filmed in 3D.

However, because Sky does not have the broadcast rights, it is unclear if UK viewers will be able to watch in 3D.


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