Man Has Sex With Hedgehog!!

A DESPERATE boyfriend ripped his willy to bits when he tried to cure premature ejaculation by having sex with a HEDGEHOG.

Zoran Nikolovic ? dubbed Mr Jiggywinkle ? claimed to be following the advice of a witch doctor when he injured himself on the animal’s pricks.

The 35-year-old said he had not yet told his girlfriend about his spine romance and added: “God knows what she will think of me.

“I don’t know whether she’s more likely to dump me for being some kind of pervert or for being such an idiot.”

He explained: “I was so ashamed to go to a normal clinic to discuss sexual problems that I was ready to try anything. When the voodoo man suggested having sex with a hedgehog I walked out.

“But he guaranteed me total discretion and 100 per cent success so I decided to try it.”

A hospital spokesman in Belgrade, Serbia, said: “The animal was apparently unhurt. The patient came off much worse from the encounter.

“We have carried out similar operations before, but only on people who have been in accidents.

“No one here has ever come across anything like it, and I doubt any of us ever will again.”

Let us know your comments about this idiot!!


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