Top 10 tips for having a great Valentine’s Day

Haven’t bought a gift for your sweetheart yet? Pondering on where to make a reservation for a special dinner out, but worried you may be too late? Experiencing other stresses and strains over your Valentine’s Day plans?

Here are suggestions to help you have a successful Valentine’s Day:

1. An iPod, a bouquet of red roses, or a box of chocolates are among the top romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. See “Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day” for more ideas.

2. To keep yourself out of trouble, don’t buy a bathroom scale, feather duster, or skinny-leg jeans for the women in your life or self-help books, fitness products, or mouthwash for the man in your love. “See Top 10 Gifts to Avoid Giving the Woman or Man in Your Life” for other presents that your significant other may not appreciate.

3. Valentine’s Day is a good time to think green. Organic cotton sheets, organic fair trade chocolates, and eco-friendly underwear are a few ideas for green gifts. See “Valentine’s Day Gifts: Green Love for Everyone” for more suggestions.

4. If you need to spend less for a gift this year, don’t worry. Many Americans are adjusting Valentine’s Day plans and spending less. Some ideas for inexpensive gifts are a poem on a handmade card, a special dinner you prepare, or a basket of items that remind you of your romance. See “Consumers Cutting Valentine’s Day Spending This Year” for more ideas.

5. To make sure that you’ll have a great dinner out, ask friends or relatives for suggestions on a restaurant or select one where you know the menu and will be comfortable with the price.

6. Photos of your favorite times together are a treasure. Fill a photo album with photos of your courtship and special events together.

7. Music is romantic. Made a CD of your favorite love songs as a couple and select a romantic CD or DVD to go with it.

8. Book lovers enjoy receiving books for presents. Check out your loved one’s book shelves to get ideas on what buy or check for romantic titles such as “Hero, Come Back” by Stephanie Laurens, Christina Dodd, and Elizabeth Boyle; “”Emma” by Jane Austin; or “The Stranger I Married” by Sylvia Day. For other suggestions, see St. Valentine’s Day’s “Romantic Books.”

9. Many couples enjoy going to plays or movies together. Enjoy a nice dinner out then take in a romantic movie or see the latest great play in your community.

10. Your Valentine’s Day plans could come to a screeching halt if your financial information gets stolen when you open an eCard, if you buy flowers from a fly-by-night florist, or if you make a mistake on a jewelry selection but you can’t return it. See “Watch Out for Valentine’s Day Scams” for information on more consumer traps to avoid.

Best wishes for experiencing the greatest Valentine’s Day ever. It’s a wonderful day for acknowledging the one you love and celebrating your relationship together.

Let us know what you got your love one for Valentines Day.


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